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BT mediaLabs products have been refined through many years of implementation experience with a variety of clients. This experience allows us to offer:

  • Scalable and affordable solutions
  • Measurable results
  • Optimization through experience and use
  • Pre-tested and proven code libraries
  • Short and efficient development cycles
  • Highly cost effective and functional digital experiences

Our remarkable and fully-functional line of customizable products can meet your every business need:

Customer-managed operations - A hallmark of BT mediaLabs solutions is that they all are designed to be managed by you with an easy-to-use Web interface, without a team of programmers. This means that once you schedule an upcoming event, your creative team can load text, drawings, photos, HTML and Flash animations into the BT mediaLabs Content Management System, and then choose when and how to display content to visitors and customers. For example, with a few clicks of the mouse in the BT mediaLabs Dynamic Navigation tool, your Webmaster can insert an HTML animation announcing the event in the middle of the Home page. Or, she can create a whole new page about the event, place it in the page map, and set up links to it on other pages of your site. If you choose Blogging features for your site, your Webmaster can manage Blogs with similar ease and even set up trackback links with other Blog sites. You get similar power with our Event Calendaring, Flash Content Management Tools, Timeline Generator and our Dynamic Map Engine.

Customer-managed operations give you a whole new level of flexibility, without a lot of added cost. Now, visitors to your site can be attracted to exciting events and specials that may suit their schedule or needs. Customers can be alerted to new information whenever they log on because you can change content as often as you wish.

Here are some of the functions that can be included in a Web site developed by BT mediaLabs. If you don’t see what you want, give us a call. If we don’t already have it in the back room, we can build it swiftly and economically in our lab.

Event Calendaring - Create and publish a web-based events calendar. Post event information that is accessible to patrons day and night. Eliminate unnecessary emails and calls. Empower patrons to search and browse for single events or series of events online. Keep information accurate and up to date. You can put future events into the Content Management system and they are automatically placed on the calendar according to rules you define. Or the Event Calendaring system can be driven from a separate calendaring system or syndicated feed.

Ticketing - BT mediaLabs Ticketing system provides online and box office services for all events; including complete ticket management with single or season ticket sales, real time inventory, seating allocation capabilities, self-servicing renewals, and re-sales. BT mediaLabs also offers consulting services for integration of your legacy offline box office software with your website ticketing system.

Shopping Cart - Accept secure credit card transactions for ordered goods online with our open system shopping cart. It provides real time authentication and authorization of credit card, PayPal and other payment options, or we can integrate with your current payment solution. Transfer approved purchases to your own or third-party order management and fulfillment systems.

Order Management System - Keep track of order status for control and customer service with our Order Management System. It facilitates order entry online in real time using an Internet interface for telephone or in-person orders and through automated feeds of approved Web orders. The Order Management System can be customized to integrate with external fulfillment systems and services.

Content Management System - Create, manage and publish content with dynamic information sourced from databases. With our easy-to-use administration tools, updating a website is as easy as cut-and-paste. Our tools support HTML or a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") style editor that allows webmasters to create or edit pages and other site content without knowledge of HTML. Our Dynamic Navigation tool allows you to choose when and how to display content to visitors and customers. For example, with a few clicks of the mouse your Web master can insert an HTML animation announcing an event, sale or announcement in the middle of the Home page, or easily create a new page to pop up after a click-through. With the Content Management System, webmasters control the repository of site content, set schedules for content appearance and archiving, create hyper-links between pages, all with secure log-in and user account management.

Flash Content Management Tools - The cinematic thrill of the Flash animation standard is pumping sales of concert tickets, music, DVDs, interactive games, news and sports Web sites. Flash is used wherever visual impact helps reach an audience. BT mediaLabs Flash content management tools make it easy for non-technical people to create stunning visual displays based on managed content and the unique identity designs that represent your brand. Now you can maintain, repurpose and rebrand your content by adding translucent (or solid) icons (or images) to video streams, photos, drawings or animations without the services of a Flash programmer.

Campaign Management Tools - Create highly targeted, multi-channel campaigns and track results. Deliver promotions, newsletters, event announcements and invitations, advertisements, surveys, and more. Integrate campaigns across your Web site and other information delivery modes with coordinated keywords and codes for capturing page views, click-throughs and opt-in or purchase events. These tools allow our clients to drive revenues, increase website traffic, and conduct important market research.

Viral Marketing Tools - Leverage Peer to Peer recommendations to  pass along your marketing messages with our viral marketing tools. Let your users do the marketing for you. Create eCards, Send to a Friend functions and more. Our Viral Marketing Tools can also help you record visitor choices as they navigate your site and thereby indicate their interests. In conjunction with Campaign Management Tools, BT mediaLabs Viral Marketing Tools can capture visitor and customer activities and responses across all touch-points, generating valuable data for analysis using our Market Study Engine.

Market Study Engine - Analyze records of visitor and customer activities to identify sales trends, groups of similar customers and more. With the BT mediaLabs Market Study Engine you can gain the insights needed to put links about events that your customers “must see” onto your home page to capture more sales, or schedule more performances. For physical products you can do the same… discover which links to “must-get” products to put up front. You can leverage your own or third party data to enhance your dataset and create robust business intelligence.

Email Club - Enable users to submit valuable information about themselves and sign-up for timely information about your organization based on their preferences. Send plain text or rich HTML emails to select user groups who have opted or requested to get the information.

Rich Media Email - Acquire, nurture and retain profitable customer relationships through highly relevant, permission based, personalized email marketing solutions. Our creative team will create engaging rich media email pages for deployment with BT mediaLabs tools or your own email deployment provider.

Blog Tools - Blogs are a powerful way to turn your users into your community. People read and contribute to Blogs because they can make themselves heard and get feedback from others. Organizations sponsor Blogs because they help spread knowledge about products and services from users and customers to non-users and prospects. BT mediaLabs Blog Tools are feature-rich and especially designed to give sponsors flexibility and control over the blogging environment. Read more about BT mediaLabs Blog Tools here.

Timeline Tool - Every organization has a history and a story to tell about some slice of the world’s people, places, events, things and activities. With BT mediaLabs Timeline Tool, you can define events and their timeframes in the Content Management Tool and the Timeline Tool will dynamically create a table- or Flash-based timeline for display on your Web site. You can mix the types of time periods (days, months, years, eras, circa) on one line, assign images to each event and use category filters to generate customized timelines depending on the visitor’s interests. Examples of timelines and more information are available here.

Dynamic Map Tool - If a picture tells a thousand words, a map shows the way. With the BT mediaLabs Dynamic Map Tool your visitor or customer can view a Flash-based map and get into the picture. Click on an available seat and see the stage from that location. Click on a wall and see the paintings there. Click on an address and see the house for sale; click on the door and see the room inside; click on a radio and hear what’s playing on a local station; click on a window and see children playing in the yard. The Dynamic Map Tool enables you to create a layered, interactive experience using photographs, moving images, sound, and any Flash-based animations you have developed. BT mediaLabs can even integrate Webcam or audio feeds into the map end-points. Click here to see a dynamic map and learn how easy they are to create.

Interactive games and activities - Everyone loves a good, challenging game. Our team of designers and programmers will work with your organization to create experiences that will make users remember your brand in a fun and interactive way.

Dynamic Audio Play-list Generator - The MusicOrgy service, created by Tyrone Thomas, is a multi-purpose audio player that incorporates a play-list generator and audio file manager. These tools allow users to compile personal request lists of songs from an extensive library of digitally encoded music. They can also upload music to be added to the library. Users release song requests to MusicOrgy which generates a composite play-list and plays the music (or other audio content) on a digital jukebox radio channel delivered over the Web. Administrators can transfer files and entire directories, perform a global search operation on all song files, and control the jukebox remotely through a network. The Dynamic Audio Play-list Generator is SMIL-compliant, so you can use scrolling tickers and other effects. Read more about MusicOrgy here, or visit MusicOrgy.com.

Workflow Engine - Efficiency of operations is a critical success factor for organizations public and private. When you need to coordinate work, services or production across multiple departments or provide customized service to each client, consider BT mediaLabs Workflow Engine. Our Business Services team (see the Services page) will examine your operation and configure the Workflow Engine to keep track of the details and ensure that those who need to know or do something are informed according to business rules you control. Our Workflow Engine can power a Web business system using Web-enabled Intra- and Extranets for employees to serve customers efficiently, or a Back Office Solution to manage workflow and transactions, track performance and integrate operations. Read this important case study about our Workflow Engine. 


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